For the last 10 years, individuals from all over the Americas have teamed with us to reach out to the Ngobe, an indigenous people group of Panama, a group most often overlooked by governmental service organizations.

In the interior of Panama, one of the leading causes of illness and death of children is gastrointestinal infection often traced to polluted drinking water and unsanitary practices.  When friends of ours moved to Panama and encountered some of these severely sick children, they sowed the seeds of our outreach in Panama.   Since then, the annual trips have grown in services and scope.

We are currently making plans for our 11th trip in March and want to let you know how you can help.  You can  ’like’, ‘Tweet’ or share our fundraising page,  travel to Panama with us in March  or Contributing financially (anonymously if you like) .    You can also donate on Pay Pal.  Your involvement is greatly appreciated.

The upcoming trip will have greater focus on drilling wells, but we will continue to install water systems, provide medical and dental clinics, distribute clothing, show health videos and entertain the kids with face painting, balloon animals and pictures.  

Our team volunteers come from all backgrounds. They may be  business owners or professionals wishing to serve the less fortunate. They may be students needing to get valuable hands-on experience, or they may be retirees wanting to share God’s love in a practical way. Whatever their reason for volunteering, these team members  always make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve and return home with a renewed perspective.

As we plan for our trip in March we are looking for those who are  will support our outreach, either by joining our team or by contributing financially.  We are raising $6000 so we can install wells and multi-family water catchment system, provide medical and dental clinics, improve structures, train community leaders and provide educational scholarships.  Please note that no Healing Fund administration fees are deducted from donations. 

The Healing Fund’ is a 501c3 non profit which has been serving in developing countries since 1994. 

A Peace Corps worker with whom we partnered last year wrote the following report: “...The wells are a hit….they are used for potable water, cooking, cleaning etc.  People are very happy.  Now the engineer working on the school wants one too!  And the tank you guys set up is now holding water and used daily as well, for cooking and as a water source for the teacher´s housing. thanks again, erik”

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